EASTEX PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS Inc. (EPCI) was federally incorporated in Canada in 1986 and re-registered in 2004 as a Nova Scotia-based consulting firm and provides Reservoir Engineering and Production Engineering services to the international petroleum industry.

    The President and Principal Engineer is Don LeBlanc PEng, who has been working in the oil and gas industry for 40+ years. He is the developer of the PE Essentials software and the author of the self-published book Petroleum Engineering Essentials: Tools and Techniques to Evaluate Unconventional (and Conventional) Wells and Reservoirs.

    During the 35+ year history of the Company, many projects have been completed throughout the world. EPCI projects have been based in Canada (onshore & offshore), the US, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Russia, UK, Egypt, Australia and Indonesia.

     Through EPCI Associates, EPCI can also supply G&G, Petrophysics and Drilling/Completion Engineering services.


  PETROLEUM ENGINEERING ESSENTIALS (PE Essentials) is a comprehensive suite of software tools comprised of Reservoir/Production Engineering and Economics routines.

  The PE Essentials suite of tools can be used for all types of wells/reservoirs: gas and oil; conventional and unconventional; onshore and offshore.




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