A number of production databases can be purchased for access by the PE Essentials Database tool.*

The database includes monthly production data.

PE Essentials Databases Available for Purchase/Download:

PE Essentials Database Version 2021 or greater is required to load these databases.

Contact PEEssentials@eastexpetroleum.com for information and to obtain an Authorization Code to access the databases.

*Each database is supplied "as is" and EPCI accepts no responsibility for its accuracy or for use of the data.


Bakken Database

-data for 59 Bakken Wells

Barnett Database

-data for 273 Barnett Wells

Gulf of Mexico Database

-1032 oil wells and 227 gas wells data

Onshore/Offshore UK Database

-57 onshore and 448 offshore fields

Duvernay Database

-data for 117 Duvernay Wells

Eagle Ford Database

-data for 10 Eagle Ford Wells

Haynesville Database

-data for 103 Haynesville Wells

Marcellus Database

-data for 52 Marcellus Wells

Montenay Database

-data for 65 Montenay Wells

Offshore Norway Database

-14 gas fields and 87 oil fields

Canada East Coast Database

-6 NS gas fields and 7 Nfld oil fields

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