PE Essentials version 2020 is supplied under one of four licenses:

  • a) Individual License: For the first year of this perpetual license, the Licensee ie entitled to download all bug and maintenance updates for the purchased version of the software and to receive technical support by email. Purchase of an individual licence includes up to 1 hour of traing, over Skype, on the use of the software. After the one year period ends, the Licensee is free to continue to use the purchased version of the software and download bug updates but version updates and support will cease.

  • Cost of this license is $500.

  • b) Student License: A student license will allow the Licensee to use the licensed software for two years, and entitles the Licensee to download all bug and maintenance updates for the software for the two years. After the two year period ends, the software will no longer function unless an individual license is purchased. To obtain a student license, the Licensee must make the request using a valid email address from the school.

  • This license is free.

  • c) Corporate License: A corporate network license can be purchased based on the number of simultaneous users required. A corporate license entitles the Licensee to all updates and email support for as long as the corporate license is active.

  • d) Demo License: A demo license is a fully-functional license that is available upon request. The length of a demo license is variable but normally lasts for one month. A demo license cannot be renewed for the same version of PE Essentials.  

Contact us to obtain current pricing, to purchase a corporate license or to request a demo license


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