PE ESSENTIALS                                               

    PETROLEUM ENGINEERING & ECONOMICS ESSENTIALS software is a comprehensive suite of tools comprised of Reservoir and Production Engineering routines that have been built and used in various forms during the 35+ year history of Eastex Petroleum Consultants Inc. The PE Essentials suite of tools can be used for all types of wells and reservoirs: gas; oil; unconventional; conventional; onshore; offshore.

    PE Essentials includes a book titled Petroleum Engineering & Economics Essentials: Tools and Techniques to Evaluate Unconventional (and Conventional) Wells and Reservoirs. The book is included with the program but can also be downloaded separately for use as a comprehensive reference resource.

    The PE Essentials program started out in early 2015 as a forecast tool for horizontal, hydraulically fractured gas wells but quickly grew into something much bigger. The tool puts basic versions of a number of commercial software tools in one package that is appropriate for quick analysis purposes. PE Essentials may not be as feature-ridden as some commercial packages but it is very affordable. Plus, you will not find a single commercial package that includes all the tools available in PE Essentials.


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