The latest version (2020.1 updated March 10, 2020) of PE Essentials can be downloaded here:



  • For a pre-installed version that does not require administrator rights, Contact for a version that can be setup without Administrator rights for evaluation.
  • Extract and Run setup from the zip file and install the tools to a directory of your choice; then run PE Essentials.exe
  • The program needs to be able to write to the installed location so it needs to be fully accessible and should not be the C:\Program Files folder unless you have administrator rights.

  • It should be noted that the tools are not stand-alone routines and require the main PE Essentials program to execute them.


  • Once installed, send the serial number (found under Program Info -> Authorize) along with a request for an  Authorization Code here.  

  • A license must be purchased for unrestricted use after March 31, 2020. Information on PE Essentials Individual and Student Licensing can be viewed here.

     For Corporate network licenses contact for more information.



      Purchase of an Individual license includes up to 1-hour of training, using Skype, and e-mail support.

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